This is an appreciation letter to student for good performance in education. This letter has been written by the teacher or the principal of the school or college. The schools and college give appreciation letter to their students for their extraordinary performance in education or in co-curricular activities.

Student appreciation letter in MS Word Download

The teachers who are facing problem in composing an appreciation letter for the students, can download this MS word template edit it according to their needs. You can even copy the texts to an MS word file to save it an a template.

Please note that this is only a sample of the letter. You may like to change some words or sentences. You can even add more words to it to make it more detailed. This is simply letter. You may like to download Good Performance Certificate which a better and graphic presentation. 

Appreciation letter to student for Good performance

Here is the format and a sample of the letter written below. The MS word file is also given below these texts.

The letter starts below:


[School/College Name Here]

[School/College Address here]

[Date Here]

Subject: Appreciation for Good Performance

Dear Usman,

I feel glad to inform you that your performance in the recent exams / competition / sports held at college/school has been marked excellent. I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your brilliant performance in the exams / competition / sports.

We are proud to have an intelligent and bright child like you in our school/college. I appreciate your enthusiasm, handwork and commitment to your duties.  You have always been a source of inspiration for all your fellow students too.

I also congratulate your parents for your brilliant performance. They will be proud of you. We wish you best of luck!


[Principal/Teacher name here]


[School/College Name]



Now here is your MS word file given below:

How to download on PC?

just click on the download button, the link will open in new tab. From the left upper corner click on File—–>Download—–>Microsoft Word (.docx)

How to download on Mobile?

If you are on mobile phone, press and hold the download button and choose “Download Link” option. The file will start downloading.

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