Hosting an event at your college is what makes you confident as a good speaker, a good entertainer, a good host and a good organizer as well.

Many of the students search for a ready-made script to read in the function. Well that is not the spirit of the task.

Tips to Prepare for your College Event Hosting Speech

Some ask their friends to write script for them. Some are OK with what they can do themselves. Anchoring an event is something you have to prepare for.


If you are going to host a welcome party, a farewell party, result ceremony, award distribution ceremony or any other college event, you have to prepare your speech accordingly.

Tips for Your first hosting show at College

Here some tips to follow while you prepare your speech or anchoring script.

1. Prepare an Attractive Welcome note

A special welcome will build your confidence for the rest of the event. A nice start is considered the nice program.

You can prepare your welcome words by searching on the internet but put it all into your own words. Opening remarks make the mark.
Here are some important elements of a good opening note.
1. Acknowledge the participation of important guests in a warm style and colorful words.
2. Pay thanks to the general guests for their arrival and give brief introduction of yourself and the event; background and purpose.
3. Tell the guest what they should be watching and enjoying throughout the event.
4. Use important quotes/ poetry according to the type of event.
(The pre-requisites like, names of the guests, poetry and quotes etc should be written in advance)


2. Have an Organized list of Segments and Performers of the Event

The best practice is to have all of your performers listed on a single page according to their turn.
Introduce every performer in interesting way by highlighting his/her unique personal/professional characteristics.
Gather more and more information about the performer and describe his/her before calling him/her to stage. Use a sequence of the segments that is not tough on the audience i.e. plan a sequence that keeps the spirit high and that keeps the audience engaged and fresh.
 For example you can have a serious after a funny segment; a song after a speech; dance after a play etc.


3. Be Confident

The words may not have as much importance as your confidence level has. Do not consider of what others would think.
Just go to the stage as you go to your home gate and ask your family to open it. Go to the microphone and start speaking. Do not think about what you have in writing. Create your own words when needed.


4. Use Specific Language and Vocabulary

Use modern words and phrases to height the impact of your speech/words. Make the audience realize that you really care for them.
Make them realize that you understand them. For example you can say ‘We highly appreciate your love for our coming performer” etc. Be short, simple and sincere; Use SSS formula for the success.


5. Include Relevant Quotes, Poetry and Personal Experiences

For a college party host, you must be a good entertainer. Use relevant quotes and poetry that best suits in the situation. Keep your content organized and relevant.
If it is a student fun party, you can add many funny experiences, jokes, comments etc. If you are hosting a discussion on the causes of diseases, these things will look odd, so in that situation use relevant serious events etc.


6. Prepare Concluding Remarks

Ending an event is tougher than starting it. I suggest some great quotes, poetry and sentimental words that your guests are going to remember.

Bid them goodbye with smiling face. Appreciate their cooperation and acknowledge their participation. Pay thanks to all the performers who participated in the event. Express your own opinion of the success of the event in good words.

You may like to see this sample script:

Sample Script for College Function

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