Now the students who want to download a free template for making their monthly expenses sheet, can download free MS excel template here. Free template for making monthly budget for college or university students can be easy. The sheet is given with formula and all sections.

Budget for a college student in MS Excel

Now let us think why budget is necessary for a college or university student. A budget is a sheet where the record of all incomes and expenses is kept. The specific amount is allotted for various types of expenses. This amount is consumed according to the allotment for a specific category of expenses.


University student need to manage their money well. They must keep track of their expenses in order to avoid any shortage of money. They should make their monthly budgets. That is why this excel sheet is given as a template to facilitate the student in making their own monthly budget.


What should a college student budget include?

A college student budget should include two main sections: the income sources and the expenses. The income section has further categories like income from parents, income from job, income from online sales etc. The students enter all incomes coming form various sources under the corresponding category.

Why budget is necessary for a college student?

If you are living away from your home studying in a remote college or university, you must keep track how you spend your money. A budget tells us where the money came from and where it was spend during a specific time period. A budget also help us to maintain good amount of money for emergency time. A student can set his/her expenses according to his/her income. A student can even save money to for some special inevitable expenses. So, a budget is very helpful for the students in their day to day life.

How to create a student budget on MS excel?

Simply name a column in Excel as “Income sources” and the adjacent one as “Income”. Leave as many rows below as your no. of income sources. Then leave a row for “Total income”. Below that row, name the same column as “Expenses”. Record all your expenses in this column. The sample budget is given here.

Student budget MS Excel template with formula free download

Here is s sample budget template you can download and use for making your own budget.
College student monthly budget template ms excel free download
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