This is the summary of the poem A Photograph written by Shirley Toulson. This is the summary of the poem for the help of the students who want to get an idea of how to write the summary of a poem. The poem is present in NCERT’s Hornbill English book for class 11 in India.

A Photograph Poem by Shirley Toulson

The poem may be called a help document for the students of grade XI in India and in some other countries. Now class 11 students of English can see the following summary of the poem A Photograph from the Hornbill.
summary of the poem a photograph by shirley toulson

Summary of the poem

The poem written by Shirley Toulson is a tribute to her mother. She is looking at an old picture of her mother on a frame of cardboard. That picture is very memorable for her it has three girls, who are walking on the beach with some smile on the face holding each other hands. 
The middle one is the tallest and younger. It was Shirley’s mother she was 12 years old when the photograph was taken. In that picture, there are two more cousins of her betty and dolly. They went on a beach holiday for paddling. Her uncle took that beautiful picture of three of them. 
All of them posed for a picture with their wet hair and smiled at the camera. The mother’s face is described as a sweet face the photograph was taken a long way back when the poet wasn’t born. The poet calls her mother’s feet terrible transient as they were so young in that picture and now it becomes older. On the other hand, it depicted that she was changed, and the sea remains the same over the years.

After twenty-thirty years she would laugh at the picture. She would tell me to look at all three of us that how our parents dressed up for the beach. The poet says that the beach holiday was her mother’s favorite place. While the poet’s favorite memory was her mother’s laugh. The poet says with grief that those sweet memories were memories now. We cannot live that moment again which we used to cherished.

The poet’s mother is dead for the last twelve years now which is the same age when that photograph was taken. She is sad by memorizing them and she cannot even explain her grief she had due to her mother’s absence. Death has silenced her beloved mother and left her with no words

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