This is a beautiful MS world template for student report card for schools. MS word sample result card is given with two cards on a single A4 size paper. The schools can download those result card template and use it for making student result reports easily.

Student report card MS word Template download

The schools who don’t want to design a fresh student result card may find this ready made sample result card very helpful. Just download it in pdf, in MS word or a zip folder and make some changing according to your needs.

What is a report card?

A report card or a result card is a document that carries all the educational and sometimes extracurricular outcome of students performance for a term. The document is often sent to the parents of the students so that they may know about student’s performance. The grades are mentioned on this card and it also include remarks from the teachers.

Why is this result card important to the parents?

Many good schools conduct parent teacher meetings. These meeting play a vital role in cooperation of parents and teachers in developing the students study perspective. In these meetings, teachers and parents discuss the current educational performance and progress of the students. They make joint efforts to help the student in his/her studies.

You can also download a template for Student Teacher meeting invitation.

All schools do have midterm or final term exams. These exams are taken in written. The evaluation is made and the grades are given to the students in every subject. These grades are put along with other details on a report card and given to the parents. That is why these result cards are important for the parents.

Students’ result card template and sample download

If you are looking for a result card sample and template, you can find some sample given below. Just download these documents and create a hassle free report card for your school. You may want to know what are the features of a good student report-card.

Here is a great post on the features of a good school.

Now you can downloads the sample result card for school editable MS word files. The files may be given in a zip folder. Download in pdf is not available. The MS word files are given too.

school student result card report card sample template MS word Excel

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