Here is an MS Excel spreadsheet for keeping and updating monthly attendance records of the students. The sheet has setup formula and functions so that you just enter the value and the attendance will automatically be taken. Students attendance in Excel format and formula are given.

Students monthly attendance record sheet template download

An attendance tracker is a spreadsheet that tracks the attendance of employees. It can be used to track the number of hours worked, days absent, and vacation days. This can be done by creating formulas in Excel, which will automatically calculate the data for you.

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The first thing you need to do is decide what information you want to keep track of on your spreadsheet. You will also need to decide on a date range for your attendance tracker and how many rows you want it to have. 

For this example, we will keep track of monthly attendance with formulas in Excel and create a template that has 12 rows (1 row for each month).

How to make an attendance tracker sheet in Excel?

In order to make a class attendance sheet in excel, you should first create a spreadsheet and then follow the following steps:

1. Create columns for the date, student’s name, and attendance.

2. Add a new row for each student in your class.

3. Enter the date of the day on which they attended school in column A and their name into column B.

4. Enter “Yes” or “No” in column C to signify whether or not they attended school that day (for example, if they were absent).

5. If you want to use color coding to differentiate between students who attended school that day and those who did not, enter “Yes” or “No” into column C with following procedure.

Download attendance sheet template in Excel or PDF

If you want a print and mark attendance with pencil, You can download pdf version of this sheet. Anyhow if you want to update this record on daily basis on your computer, you can download the Excel sheet.

The format for daily attendance sheet includes the 30 days attendance record with automatic formulas like percentage etc.

students monthly attendance sheet in excel with formula free download

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